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Why use our Peer2Peer Peer Education Resources

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Our Dream

Our Peer2Peer product suite is designed to serve
organisations to use the effective power of Peer Education to bring about
social behaviour change and people transformation.

We offer: A digital course in Peer Education with supporting youth and/or workplace training resources.

Peer2Peer leverages the strong research base and best practices of the gold Youth Peer Education Model with proven results since 2004 in youth social behaviour change, education and job creation.


Peer Education as a methodology, whether used in schools, communities or workplaces, relies heavily on the quality of training of Peer Educators to transform lives for the better. However, many organisations and private companies who want to harness the power of Peer Education don’t have the resources to develop a full Peer Education programme.

Peer2Peer Workplace and Peer2Peer Youth are behaviour-change product suites, each with a set of compact DIY life skills and leadership-development manuals for use by human resource managers, transformation managers, Peer Education managers, trainers and or Peer Educators, for the purpose of youth or adult behaviour change. Each of these products is specifically designed to be usable as a stand-alone product and as complementary to the other products in its suite.

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